• Marketing Strategy

      This track is for marketing strategist who suggests practical strategic policy in the intense competitive situation through analysis of market environment · competition · brand power · and various customer demands

    • Digital Marketing

      In this track, you plan and develop new digital media platforms including interactive platform and SNS. This career leads to digital expert who suggests and executes media mix and media creative optimized for the service and product of the client.

    • Experience-Based Marketing

      In this track, you connect consumers with brands by inviting them to brands experiencing events including exhibition, conference, and event venue. This career leads to marketing expert who establish and execute retail/shopper marketing strategy, and plan and execute the contacts between consumers and brands.

    • Media

      This track is largely divided into media planner and media buyer. Media planner establishes execution strategy for each medium including the big four media, outdoor media, and new media. Media buyer is in charge of purchasing medium for actual advertisement execution under the media strategy.

    • Cheil DnA Center

      In this track, you extract insights by collecting and analyzing data regarding various needs of the consumers in real-time, and support the establishment of strategy for campaigns and creative strategy through that.

    • Cheil Innovation Center

      We search for business startup companies with high growth potential in global Marketing Technology areas, execute strategic investments through our venture capital fund, and develop new business opportunities inside and outside of the company.

    • Corporate Management

      In this track, you establish the vision and management strategy of the company, promote and manage established management plan, and support the management activities of CEO.
      This track consists of various departments including management support, overseas support, finance, project management, management innovation, legal compliance management, personnel, overseas personnel, general affairs, new culture, and promotion, which are comprised of relevant fields experts of relevant.

    • Recruiting Announcement for Cheil WorldWIde Partners

      Cheil Worldwide has been making its best efforts for win-win and cooperative coexistence with partner companies. As a part of such efforts, we are supporting partner companies’ recruitment of excellent employees. Recruiting Announcement for Cheil WorldWIde Partners